Break it down


Comic Commentary

Look. I know a webcomic about not being productive is not exactly breaking new ground. I do understand why it keeps coming up though—I think the kind of person who is compelled to make things is also compelled to do a bunch of other stuff, which stops them from making the things they're compelled to make. It's kind of an excruciating state to be in all the time. 




Cab Savage


Comic Commentary 

The two little fellas in this comic are possibly my favourite characters ever, so don't be surprised if they make a repeat appearance. A few people on reddit were upset because, hey, "Yes I can tell the difference between a cheap and expensive wine." Look, pour yourself a nice big glass of wine that you can't accurately evaluate and leave me alone.  

Carpe Diner


Comic Commentary 

Thanks for swinging by my webcomic. This comic, if you look past the surface, is much less about gravy and much more about our own fragile mortality. How each bite of delicious gravy covered french fry brings you closer to your maker. Each french fry drizzling in delicious delicious gravy. Ok maybe it is more about the gravy.